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KAORI’s Liquid Cooling and Immersion Cooling Technologies: High-Performance Server Cooling Capabilities and Competitiveness


With the advent of the AI era, the rise in computational demands necessitates a symbiotic relationship between high-performance computing and cooling technologies. This trend aligns with the global industry's development, calling for the establishment of more servers to support these computations.

High-power chips work continuously in servers. If the heat cannot be dissipated immediately, that will reduce computing efficiency or even IT facilities failure. These crises pose unpredictable risks to customer data, rights, reputation, and operations. Experts emphasize the growing importance of AI across industries, but as computational power expands and data access becomes more frequent, energy consumption becomes a prominent concern. Cooling solutions, heat dissipation, and green computing are gaining significant attention.

With 30 years’ experience and technologies in brazed plate heat exchangers, KAORI introduces data center liquid cooling and immersion cooling solutions, and have been experienced with extensive testing by the NO.1 international e-commence service provider in China and rigorous server heat dissipation assessments. Because of the robust functionality and excellent stability, it caused the great praise at COMPUTEX TAIPEI 2023, and KAORI will continue to supply the best data center cooling solutions to the market.KAORI’s D2C Cold Plate Liquid Cooling and Data Center Immersion Cooling Solution.jpg

(Photo: KAORI’s D2C Cold Plate Liquid Cooling Solution、Data Center Immersion Cooling Solution)

Data Center Immersion Cooling Solutions

  • Product Types: 2U 3kW / 4U 7kW / 25U 90kW
  • Performance and Features:Data center immersion cooling solutions can stably and immediately dissipate huge thermal energy, and can use BPHE (brazed plate heat exchangers) for waste heat recovery management. The Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) can reach as low as 1.1. Compared to traditional air cooling, it can significantly reduce energy consumption by up to 30%. Additionally, immersion cooling has a component failure rate of under 50%, and boasts a temperature rise time over 10 times that of traditional air cooling, thus extending emergency response time while reducing labor costs.

D2C (direct to chip) Cold Plate Liquid Cooling

  • Product Type: Server rack system
  • Performance and Features:Compared to traditional air cooling, D2C cold plate in-rack system operates with reduced noise, achieving an outstanding PUE performance of 1.2, and leading to over 30% operational cost savings. Coolant Distribution Unit (CDU) and Coolant Distribution Manifolds (CDM) are installed beneath and on the sides of the rack, which conserving rack space and seamlessly integrating with server architecture. This setup can expand based on server quantity and cooling needs. Additionally, KAORI emphasizes the development of the CDU's hot swapping capability, allowing independent maintenance without system shutdowns, ensuring 24hr operation.

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