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Showcasing Cutting-Edge AI and Cooling Solutions at COMPUTEX 2024



COMPUTEX 2024  centered around the theme "Connecting AI," highlighting the latest global AI technologies and industry trends. Over the four-day event, it attracted 85,179 buyers and professionals from the ICT industry, marking a 70% increase from last year. The top five regions represented were Japan, the United States, China, South Korea, and Hong Kong.

The relationship between AI's high computational demands and cooling technologies is interdependent. Addressing the need for energy-efficient cooling in data centers, KAORI will unveil multiple server liquid cooling solutions at COMPUTEX 2024. These include the 30kW RDHx rear door heat exchanger liquid-to-air cooling system, the In-Rack 250kW hot-swappable liquid cooling system, the 25U 90kW single-phase immersion cooling system for large data centers, and the flagship product, the In-Row 850kW CDU large-scale multi-rack liquid cooling system.

高力_2024COMPUTEX_Boothphoto_2 高力_2024COMPUTEX_Boothphoto_1.

KAORI's booth, featuring innovative designs and eye-catching liquid cooling technology exhibits, drew significant crowds over the four days, with inquiries up by 50% compared to last year. The main highlights included five major system products ranging from air cooling, direct liquid cooling, to immersion cooling, showcasing KAORI’s dedication to advancing R&D, production capacity, and service quality. The exhibition received widespread acclaim and active participation, with the future-oriented "In-Row 850kW CDU (Coolant Distribution Units)" generating the most discussion.

高力_2024COMPUTEX_850kW CDU_1

 The In-Row 850kW CDU large-scale multi-rack liquid cooling system  not only boosts heat dissipation capacity to over 850 kW but also features a single liquid pump with a delivery pressure exceeding 4 bar and a total flow rate surpassing 850 LPM, suitable for various fluids.

With 54 years of expertise in heat treatment and welding, KAORI stands as Taiwan's largest and one of the top five global manufacturers of plate heat exchangers, a critical component of liquid cooling solutions. Since initiating R&D for server cooling solutions in 2018, KAORI has successfully penetrated the AI market supply chain, consistently providing high-wattage cooling solutions to renowned international server manufacturers and data centers.

KAORI’s immersion cooling products achieve a PUE (Power Usage Effectiveness) of less than 1.2, reinforcing its strategy to "enhance energy efficiency, reduce operational costs, and minimize environmental impact" as a key operational development objective for data centers.

In 2024, KAORI began mass production of liquid cooling systems and components. To solidify its market position and meet future demands, KAORI continues to develop cooling solutions with heat dissipation capabilities exceeding 2000kW, pushing forward with high-performance solutions.