Data Center Advanced Liquid Cooling & Heat Reuse

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Data Center Advanced Liquid Cooling & Heat Reuse

Market Applicaitons

  • Cloud services / 5G Mobile Communications / Edge computing / Data Center
  • Electronic Design Automation (EDA)
  • Artificial Intelligence / Deep Learning
  • Energy Exploration / Scientific Research
  • Block Chain /Cryptocurrency (Mining)
  • Battery Cooling
    Kaori Data Center Immersion Cooling Solution

Success Case

  • 30kW ~ 200kW Immersion Liquid Cooling Solutions
  • Cooling capacity 3.6MW ~ 100MW ----Keeping up to-----> 450MW

Case Study

  • 2018.Q3 – Present (operating 24/7 with zero failure reported)

  • Max. cooling capacity 3.6MW

  • Average annual PUE (Power Usage Effectiveness) 1.07(less 7% of electricity used for cooling)
    Leading Data Center Provider
    Photo credit by client public released