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Sustainability Commitments Backed by More than Half a Century of Devotion in Taiwan

Only a sustainable business is able to sustain service. To enforce sustainability awareness and values, Kaori has assembled an "ESG Committee" that serves as the decisionmaking authority for all ESG-related matters. Being the chief of the committee, coordinate with senior managers from different fields of expertise to respond to the United Nation's Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and explore ways to associate the SDGs with Kaori's core advantage. Through a series of discussions, we have identified "Low Carbon, People Value, and Sustainable Practice" as the three main themes, and made low-carbon production, sustainable supply chain, green innovation, training of sustainability talents, and public interests the five major focuses of our business activities. Purposes of the ESG Committee are to implement medium- and long-term ESG strategies that systematically improve sustainability performance of the Company, and to support UN's SDGs by observing ESG trends, evaluation standards, and best practices around the world.

ESG Sustainability Report

Kaori Heat Treatment Co., Ltd. (referred to as "Kaori" or "the Company" below) recognizes the importance for businesses to fulfill social responsibilities and took the initiative to prepare its first sustainability report in 2021 on a voluntary basis as a response to stakeholders' expectations for sustainable management. This report has been prepared out of integrity, accountability, and transparency, and is intended to communicate with stakeholders on Kaori's actions and performances annually with regards to economic, environmental, and social aspects.

KAORI 2022 Sustainability Report

KAORI 2022 Sustainability Report

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Sustainability Statement 4E

For more than half a century, Kaori has relied on innovative business mindset and technology as the main driver for business growth, and owes much of its success today to the contribution, trust, and support of employees, supply chain partners, customers, and the general public. Kaori's sustainability efforts for 2022 will continue to be inspired by the idea - "For Earth. For Us." Backed by a strong conviction to ESG values, the Company will strive to act in the best interest of all stakeholders and contribute further to the stability and growth of the society.

KAORI Sustainability Statement 4E

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Human Rights Policy

In order to fulfill corporate social responsibilities and protect the basic human rights of all employees, customers and stakeholders, KAORI respects and follows the principles of internationally recognized human rights norms, including the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the United Nations Global Covenant, and the RBA Responsible Business Alliance. This policy is specifically formulated based on core labor standards and local laws and regulations such as the Code of Conduct and the Basic Conventions of the International Labor Organization. Full Human Rights PolicyOccupational Safety and Health Policy.

KAORI Sustainable People
We knows that employees are important partners for the company to become a world-class company and achieve sustainable development. We are committed to creating a friendly and healthy workplace, creating a workplace without discrimination and equal rights. In order to promote the continuous growth of employees and the company, KAORI provides employees with a comprehensive salary and welfare system and a multi-faceted education and training plan, so that colleagues can work in KAORI with peace of mind and health, and together build a sustainable enterprise that belongs to KAORI's culture.

KAORI People for ESG

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ESG Contacts

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any suggestions regarding this report or Kaori's sustainability practices.

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