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Industry Solutions : ORC – Organic Rankine Cycle cogeneration equipment


ORC cogeneration equipment is the use of industrial waste heat or geothermal heat to vaporize the organic fluid (refrigerant) in the heat exchanger. The high temperature and high pressure fluid then moves to the expander and drives the generators to produce power. After leaving the expanders, the working fluid must enter another heat exchanger to cool the water into a liquid state before it can continue the cycle. In both the evaporation and condensation process, brazed plate heat exchanger efficiency will directly affect the performance of the ORC power cogeneration equipment.

Kaori standard K-Series BPHEs and large flow Z-Series BPHEs are cost-effective and highly efficient solutions for ORC systems. In addition, Kaori I-Series BPHEs will safely handle situations where frequent thermal or pressure shocks are expected in the refrigerant evaporator.