Brazed Plate Heat Exchanger



Q:How does Brazed Plate Heat Exchanger work?

Kaori's Brazed Plate Heat Exchanger (Brazed Plate Heat Exchanger) consists of chevron plates made of acid-resistant stainless steel. Every other plate is reversed so the ridges of the herringbone pattern intersect with one another on adjacent plates thus forming a lattice at contact points. When these points are vacuum brazed together, two separate systems of channels for two media flow in counter-current are formed. The lattice structure causes vigorous turbulence, thus ensuring the maximum heat transfer.

Q:Brazed Plate Heat Exchanger Applications.

Kaori Brazed Plate Heat Exchanger can be used with various medias
  • All type of refrigerants ; ammonia will be used for nickel brazed materials.
  • Organic solvents
  • Oil
  • Various brine solutions (glycol mixtures , CaC12 , alcohols etc)
Kaori Brazed Plate Heat Exchanger can be used with
  • Heat pumps
  • Industrial chillers; plastic machines, welding machines, hydraulic presses (oil) and compressor oil cooling.
  • Air dryer
  • Water cooler; drinking water or water processed water for various industries.
  • Temperature holding for storage tanks.
  • Heat recovery including heat recycling from hot steam.
  • Indoor heating including floor heating.
Refrigerant applications, Brazed Plate Heat Exchanger function as :
  • Evaporators 、Condensers 、Super-Heaters for gas、De-super-heaters for gas 、 Sub-Coolers for Condensates 、 Economizers 、 Intercoolers 、 Oil Coolers.

Q:Advantages of Kaori brazed plate heat exchangers.

Kaori Brazed Plate Heat Exchanger provides many great advantages.
  • Highly thermal efficiency
  • Its compact size and relatively light weight
  • High working pressure.
  • High thermal resistance and high operating temperature.
  • Lower cost for the same performances.
  • Lower pressure drop and high corrosion resistance.
  • No gaskets no leakages.
  • Easy installation easy replacement lowers maintenance needs.
  • Durability.

Q:Does Kaori have any international certificates for Brazed Plate Heat Exchanger?

Plate Heat Exchanger Division:
Awarded with 13 patents of heat exchanger were in Taiwan、China 、Japan、Korea and United States.

Certificates from McDonnell
Douglas Aircraft Co., U.S.A.

Certificates from McDonnell
Douglas . Aircraft Co., U.S.A

JIS Marking Approval.

JIS Marking Approval.

Certificate of Qualification for UL

Certificate of Qualification for
ISO 9001 : 2000.

Certificate of Qualification for
ISO 9001 : 2000.

Certificate of Qualification for CE.

Certificate of Qualification for CE.

Certificate of Qualification for CE.

ROHS Test Report


  • Fluids that are explosive , extremely flammable, highly toxicant , highly corrosive, hazardous or etc. Those cannot be applied with Brazed Plate Heat Exchanger.
    Examples are ammonia nitric acid sulfuric acid etc.
  • When water of unknown quality of water is applied to Brazed Plate Heat Exchanger , filter and strainer should be placed at the water inlet of Brazed Plate Heat Exchanger in order to filter out the dirt or any large particles persent. Mesh size of around 20 is suitable in most cases. Blockage of evaporator due to persence of dirt or large particles will reduce the flow rate of water. Water will freeze up, . Consequently, this might cause the cracks to appear in the Brazed Plate Heat Exchanger.
  • Chlorinated water , swimming pool water or seawater etc. are not suitable for Brazed Plate Heat Exchanger because they will corrode and damage the Brazed Plate Heat Exchanger.
  • When Brazed Plate Heat Exchanger works as a condenser, the single-phased (gas) refrigerant enters the condenser at top left connector and the single-phased (liquid) refrigerant leaves the condenser from the bottom left connector. The water enters the condenser at bottom right and leaves the condenser from top right. In water and both of the fluids are in counter flow direction.
  • Mounting suggestions:There are four different ways to mount the Brazed Plate Heat Exchanger: (a) Bottom Support (b) Sheet Metal Bracket (c) Crossbar & Bolts (d) Stud Bolts

Q:Warranty period for Kaori brazed plate heat exchangers.

Kaori offers free replacement of its products under warranty if defects are caused by manufacturing material or manufacturing workmanship.
Warranty Period is 12 months after delivery, or else, by contract with the purchaser.
Exceptions are :
  1. The failure of malfunction of Brazed Plate Heat Exchanger is caused by improper or negligent usage of Brazed Plate Heat Exchanger.
  2. Malfunctions from Freezing or icing flood fire or any natural disaster, or accident.
  3. Damages cause by improper or faulty installation or if product is exposed to corrosive elements harmful to its structure.