Hydrogen Energy and Fuel Cells

Hydrogen Generator 

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Hydrogen Generator (PSA Type) 

59.5% of methanol water is reformed by a reformer, then purified by PSA (Pressure Swing Absorption) to produce hydrogen of high purity.

Key Features

  • High quality hydrogen (purity>99.999%)
  • Can provide high-pressure hydrogen(1~5kg/cm2) which is suitable for most fuel cell modules
  • Methanol water is safe and stable relative to gasoline and diesel
  • The PSA purifier can be easily replaced to extend the lifetime of the system
  • Cold start within 40 minutes and no extra power and fuel consumption to stay warm status
  • Small system size (can fit 19” standard cabinet)
Hydrogen Capacity4.5 Nm3/h (75 LPM)30 Nm3/h (500 LPM) 
Hydrogen Purity> 99.999%
Hydrogen Outlet Pressure1 ~ 5kg/cm21 ~ 6 kg/cm2
Fuel TypeMethanol Water
Fuel Consumption100~110g /min600 ~ 660g / min
Fuel Concentration59.0 ~ 59.9%
Ambient Temperature5 ~ 40℃
Weight100~120 kg400 ~ 480 kg
Dimension (W x D x H)650mm x 900mm x 960mm1300mm x 900mm x 1950 mm
Power Consumption (standby mode)≦250W≦100W
Noise< 65 db (@ 1.5m)< 70 db (@ 1.5m)
Cold Start Time30 ~ 40 min~ 60min
Exhaust Gas CompositionCO < 0.2% ; H2 < 1%(@steady state)

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