Brazed Plate Heat Exchanger

Benefits of Kaori BPHE


Benefits of Kaori BPHE

Kaori brazed plate heat exchangers are the most efficient, economical, and environmentally thermal solution for today’s industrial demands. The many advantages of Kaori BPHEs go hand in hand with its highly efficient thermal design.
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Using Kaori BPHEs offers the following benefits:

High-quality Solutions

Kaori BPHEs are high thermal performance solutions capitalize on basic thermal principles and are brazed together with Kaori’s expertise in thermal technology. The rate of heat transfer increases with the amount of conductive surface area and can be further increased by the amount of fluid turbulence. We take advantage of this principle by brazing together thin high-quality plates thereby maximizing the surface area available for heat transfer.

High turbulent flow to reduce fouling

Each corrugated plate is also designed to increase fluid turbulence. Its angle, pattern, and depth can all be optimized for performance with regard to specific working fluids. High turbulent flow promotes a scrubbing effect within the heat exchanger to reduce fouling and maintain its high performance.

Efficient use of materials

Kaori BPHEs exhibit such high thermal performance that we can significantly reduce the size of the heat exchanger while still achieving target working temperatures. This mass reduction in size leads to all-around savings in material, space, shipping, installation, and refrigerant volumes. Kaori BPHEs are essentially highly conductive heat transfer surfaces stacked together so nearly all of its material is used for heat transfer. This not only means more efficient use of materials, but also leads to a huge reduction in materials needed to get the job done.

Reduction of CO2 emissions

Thermal solutions that are smaller, lighter, more compact will give greater design flexibility for engineers and provides many environmental benefits as well. Its smaller size also reduces CO2 emissions from production, transportation, and requires less working fluid to operate.
Kaori's long experience in manufacturing and expertise in thermal technology allows us to be flexible in customizing our heat exchangers to meet you where you are. Kaori’s BPHEs can be customized to handle a wide range of systems and capacities, and paired with the right connectors you need for easy installation.