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Brazed Plate Heat Exchanger Applications for Data Center Cooling


In-Room CRAC

KAORI manufactures brazed plate heat exchangers(BPHE) as the condenser for computer room air conditioners (CRAC), which typically use a refrigerant in a traditional dry expansion (DX) system.

KAORI In-Room CRAC-en.png


Most of the cooling capacity will be focused on the racks where actual source of heat is.
In-row CRAC systems with KAORI BPHE are recommended to be used in combination with cold & hot aisle containment to achieve the best and energy efficient cooling performance.

KAORI In-Row CRAC-en.png

CDU for RDHx( Rear Door Heat Exchanger )

The Coolant Distribution Unit (CDU) provides close controlled cooling water for a fan coil such as the rear door heat exchangers(RDHx). The CDU built-in a KAORI BPHE creates an isolated secondary loop, separated from the chilled water.

※The BPHE also can be applied in the water chiller as the evaporator, economizer or condenser for heat recovery, etc.

KAORI CDU for RDHx-en.png

In-Rack CDU 

High server density from the most powerful to the most compact. KAORI BPHE enables the in-rack CDU a compact dimension and heat being removed efficiently for liquid cooling on demand.

KAORI In-Rack CDU-en.png

Immersion is the Next Generation

KAORI Immersion is the Next Generation-en.png

CDU for Immersion Cooling

kaori cdu for immersion cooling-en.png

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