Brazing and Welding Technology

Folded Fin

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Folded Fin

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Heat sink
EGR cooler
Inter coole)
Heat Exchanger

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Product Type

Mesh Folded Fin / Folding Fin /Fold Fin
Straight Folded Fin /Folding Fin /Fold Fin
Wavy Folded Fin /Folding Fin / Fold Fin
Mesh Folded FinStraight Folded FinWavy Folded Fin
Material thickness0.05 ~ 0.5 mm0.05 ~ 1.0 mm0.05 to 0.5 mm
Fins per Inch4 FPI ~ 40 FPI2 FPI ~ 50 FPI2 FPI to 50 FPI
Fin Height1.0 ~ 20 mm0.5 ~ 25 mm2.0 to 25 mm
Flow Length (Slit Width)10 ~ 600 mm3 ~ 600 mm5 to 600 mm
Cutoff Length (Flow Width)Any specify length
MaterialAluminum, Copper, SST, Inconel Super Alloy and any other request

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Folded Fin in-house

W600 Fin Machine
W300 Fin Machine

Brazing in-house

Big Vacuum Brazing Furnace

Continuous Brazing Furnace
Pre-Brazing Line
Welding Line
Clean Line
Assembly Line

Quality System


ISO9001 Certification

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