Brazing and Welding Technology

Vacuum Brazing Process and Heat Treatment

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Vacuum Brazing Process and Heat Treatment


  • Using a vacuum furnace to provide a good reducing atmosphere, with a suitable furnace temperature curve and solder, the workpiece is heated to a high temperature for self-joining, and at the same time achieves the effect of higher strength than the base material, stress relief, and restores the metal color of the surface of the workpiece.
  • The effective hot zone of the vacuum furnace is L2000mm*W1000mm*H914mm.
  • KAORI has rich experience in fixture design and mold development, a complete supply chain, and a complete quality management system.


  • It is used for the joining of complex welding surfaces, such as: turbine blades, finned heat exchangers, etc. The appearance after welding can restore the metal color, the deformation is small, and the welding strength can be improved.
  • The effective hot zone of the vacuum furnace with large space realizes the possibility of large-sized workpieces and mass production.
  • KAORI's team and supply chain can provide strong technical support.


  • Overcome the welding that general argon welding cannot perform. Example: surface-to-surface bonding, subtle and complex welding requirements.
  • The ability to complete bonding, annealing, and oxide reduction at the same time is widely used in automobiles, semiconductor equipment, and aerospace industries.
  • It can be applied to various joint surfaces, improving the freedom of customer weld bead design, and the workpiece has excellent air tightness, electrical conductivity, and thermal conductivity after hard welding.
  • Provide a complete product development plan from material preparation, design, proofing, to mass production.