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KAORI BPHEs Thermal Solutions : Fuel Cells


Clean energy is the way of the future. KAORI has paired with several fuel cell industry leaders in developing the next generation of renewable energy systems by designing and customizing innovative heat transfer solutions. Fuel cell power generation is an environmentally friendly energy source with clean emissions.

KAORI BPHE Solutions for Fuel Cells

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Solid Oxide Fuel Cell
On-grid Power
FCV(car / bus / truck)
  • Fuel type: natural gas
  • Thermal management solution
  • Max. working temp. up to 900°C
  • High-Ni base alloy with nickel brazed
  • Hydrogen preheater
  • battery thermal management
  • A/C heat pump system
  • Powertrain oil cooling
Backup power
PEM Fuel Cell
On-grid / Backup Power
  • Fuel type: methanol
  • Thermal management solution
  • SUS316 with Ni-brazed
  • Fuel type: natural gas / methanol / hydrogen gas
  • Thermal management solution
  • Heat reclaim(combined heat & power)
  • SUS316 with Ni-brazed
Ammonia Fuel Cell
On-grid / Backup Power
Hydrogen gas generator
Electrolysis technology
  • Fuel type: Ammonia
  • Thermal management solution
  • High-Ni base alloy with nickel brazed
  • gas cooler
  • SUS316 with Ni-brazed

KAORI BPHEs Features 

  • High Heat Transfer Efficiency
  • Compact, Robust and Durable
  • Max. working temperature up to 900℃
  • High quality vacuum brazing process
  • Better Corrosion Resistance

Application -SOFC

KAORI BPHEs_FuelCells_SOFC.png

Application -PEMFC

Application -NH3 Cracker

KAORI BPHEs_FuelCells_NH3FC.png

Application -Fuel Cell Truck

KAORI BPHEs_FuelCells_Truck.png


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