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Management Philosophy


Management Philosophy

Quality benchmark of the XXI century:

Kaori Heat Treatment Co. Ltd. Implements a brand new design concept and superior manufacturing know-how in achieving the best of all Kaori products. Step by step, Kaori has established a firm foundation based on its rich experience and is ready to face new challenges by utilizing its creative thinking in the new era.


The Leading Thermal & Hydrogen Technologies Company


It is resolved to solve any emerging issues in thermal technology and integrate industrial thermal applications into their ever better performance. In accordance with the principle of “Environmental Friendly and Energy Saving”, Kaori is working on making possible the initiation of the thermal technology industries into a new era.


  • To expand Kaori’s brand into the world by reliable and responsible product quality. The presence of Kaori Plate Heat Exchanger will be spread out to the global market from the Equator to the South & North Pole.
  • To be devoted to a constant product innovation and R&D. To integrate with the environmental friendly concept and energy saving, Kaori is to initiate the most effective thermal technology products, and further contribute with its efforts of saving the energy of the Globe.
  • To provide product/service on time, promptly and precisely. Kaori values customer needs and opinions for future improvement and progress most highly.
  • To achieve and exceed company’s financial target, and share the fruits of its labors with shareholders and business partners.
  • To value its internal human resources as important as the company’s other resources. Kaori offers employees appropriate education and training, and harmonious and safe working environment to help individuals accomplish their goals and inspire them towards their optimal production capacity.

Core Value:Innovation 、Quality、Responsibility、Honor

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