Brazing and Welding Technology

SOFC Key Parts

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SOFC Key Parts


  • Founded in 2009, the FCBU is a key milestone that demonstrates Kaori’s ambition to be a key player in energy industry to the public.
  • With strong brazing and welding capabilities, Kaori was chosen to be a strategic business partner of international green-tech industry key players.


  • Strong brazing & welding capabilities with comprehensive facilities.
  • Excellent product quality to fulfill customers’ expectations.
  • Great adaptability and flexibility to customers’ needs or environmental changes and react on a timely basis.


  • Commit to producing more environmental friendly products to benefit both our offspring and the earth.

Let Kaori do it for you!

  • Using the products provided by Kaori will help prove that your company is dedicated to not only improve its financial performance, but ensuring that it’s environmental impact is a limited as possible. Let Kaori’s products help to improve your environmental performance, reduce costs, not only for your benefit, but for all your stakeholders!

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Customers’ recommendations and comments are very important for Kaori. Every your word is great source for us to improve service, quality and R&D for new product. If you are interested to know more, or have any inquiries about “ SOFC Key Parts ”, Please feel free to contact us.