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Industry Solutions : Power Plant Applications


Thermoelectric power plants boil water and use steam driven turbines for power production. After the steam moves through the turbines, it is condensed back into water so it can be reused again or returned to its water source. The cooling requirements of a power plant are dictated by thermal efficiency and water cooling can be achieved in two ways.

  1. If a power plant is situated next to a large body of water, it can easily run large amounts of water through single pass condensers before returning it to its water source slightly warmer.
  2. If a large water source is not available, an evaporative cooling tower is used although some water is loss and must be continually replaced.

Urbine power generation equipment parts, internal working fluid oil, gear oil or cooling water in the turbine operation will all gradually rise in temperature. If the working fluid within the turbine temperature is too high, it can cause mechanical damage to the power generation equipment, and therefore we suggest using a reliable high performance Kaori BPHE for your power plant cooling needs.