Data Center Advanced Liquid Cooling

About Thermal Energy Team

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About Thermal Energy Department

Since 1970, Kaori has continued to innovate and transform with the core technologies of fuel cells (hydrogen energy) and plate heat exchangers (thermal energy) based on existing metal processing technologies.
In response to the energy demands in the future, Kaori established the Thermal Energy Department, and continues to move toward the next milestone for the fuel cell power generation systems, data center liquid cooling systems, 5G mobile communication and electric vehicle cooling modules.

A Legacy in Brazing

  • KAORI Heat Treatment is the first industrial pioneer in Taiwan that inherits German heat treatment technology.

  • With more than 50 years of experience in heat treatment and metal processing, KAORI was the only heat treatment manufacturer in Taiwan that was certified by a well-known Japanese car manufacturer.

  • The first and Tthe only Plate Heat Exchanger manufacturer in Taiwan, and ranks among the top five in the world.

  • The submerged liquid cooling system of the data center is one of the application extensions of the Plate Heat Exchanger.

  • With aerospace-class argon welding capabilities and familiarity with building air conditioning systems, KAORI has the opportunity to participate in the world's largest commercial cloud data center immersion liquid cooling project.
    Kaori Data Center Immersion Cooling Solution

Market Applicaitons

  • Cloud services / 5G Mobile Communications / Edge computing / Data Center
  • Electronic Design Automation (EDA)
  • Artificial Intelligence / Deep Learning
  • Energy Exploration / Scientific Research
  • Block Chain /Cryptocurrency (Mining)
  • Battery Cooling

Case Study

  • 2018.Q3 – Present (operating 24/7 with zero failure reported)

  • Max. cooling capacity 3.6MW

  • Average annual PUE (Power Usage Effectiveness) 1.07(less 7% of electricity used for cooling)
    Leading Data Center Provider
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