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Video | KAORI Next Generation Data Center Cooling Solutions

PR on 2022-07-21

KAORI Energy Management Team presents an innovative immersion cooling system to solve cloud datacenter energy efficiency issues. Immersion cooling is the answer to the increasing heat dissipation problems of the next generation of servers used in datacenters. Successful use cases shows PUE (Power Usage Effectiveness) lower than 1.1 using Kaori's proprietary brazed plate heat exchangers delivering the best heat transfer performance in the market.

Why Immersion Cooling Technology
• Low power consumption and reduced footprint, in line with Green Building Label (EEWH) specifications
• Suppression of air conditioning and air management systems (hot/cold aisles, plenum/raised floor, duct network)
• Reduction of datacenter height requirements
• Single rack density over 100kW
• PUE reduced from 1.5 to 1.1 (70% power saving)
• High resiliency: Up to 60 minutes of safe operation without cooling (Liquid high specific heat)
• Increases server system lifecycle (Low temperature, no moving part, isolation from air)
• Best conditions for operators (Low noise, standard air temperature)

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