COMPUTEX 2024 • TAIPEI, June 4 – June 7

PR on 2024-05-29

The 2024 Taipei International Computer Show (COMPUTEX 2024) is set to take place from June 4 to 7 at the Nangang Exhibition Center Halls 1 and 2. This year's theme, 'Connecting AI,' brings together 1,500 global participants, including domestic and international technology companies, startups, venture capitalists, accelerators, and other partners. The online registration is now open, inviting international tech professionals and businesses to visit this grand event. 

The booming development of generative AI is set to lead the global industry's value chain, KAORI has launched advanced liquid cooling system.

The high computing requirements of AI and cooling technology are symbiotic. In response to the demand for low energy consumption cooling in data centers, Kaori will show server liquid cooling solutions at Computex 2024:

  • In-Row (L/L) 800kW CDU (Coolant Distribution Units) Large-scale Liquid Cooling System
  • Rack Manifolds
  • 30kW RPU+RDHx Liquid Cooling System
  • In-Rack 80kW Liquid Cooling System
  • 25U90kW Advanced Single-Phase Immersion Liquid Cooling System
  • Brazed Plate Heat Exchanger for Liquid Cooling System

KAORI_COMPUTEX 2024_Cooling Solution Product Line

Among them, the In-Row 800kW CDU large-scale liquid cooling system not only increases the heat dissipation capacity to more than 800 kW, but also has a single liquid pump delivery pressure of more than 4bar and a total flow rate exceeding 800LPM. It can also be applied to a variety of fluid applications. 

Kaori was founded in 1970. Starting from metal heat treatment processing, it laid the foundation for thermal energy technology and vacuum brazing technology. It has become the top five plate heat exchanger manufacturers in the world, shipping to more than 70 countries. As early as 2016, it has been actively focusing on the field of server liquid cooling technology. It was the first to complete verification with international server manufacturers, and in 2018, it successfully shipped immersion liquid cooling systems to internationally renowned hyperscale data centers. Fully demonstrating Kaori’s knowledge of next-generation liquid cooling and thermal management technology capabilities. In response to the cooling needs of AI servers, Kaori's on-site demonstration focused on two key technologies: "Large-scale high-power cabinet-type liquid cooling system" and "Coolant Distribution Manifolds (CDM)". The core technology of the former comes from Kaori's self-made brazed plate heat exchanger, which is a key component of the liquid cooling system and can provide highly flexible customized designs according to customer system cooling needs; at the same time, Kaori also has the ability to develop MW and above. Power cooling technology capabilities. On the other hand, Kaori is the largest mass-produced vacuum brazing manufacturer in Asia, with more than 20 vacuum brazing furnace production equipment. In view of this, the high-power coolant distribution pipe CDM manufacturing process is significantly superior to the traditional labor-intensive laser welding and argon welding manufacturing methods, which is sufficient to meet the rapid mass production needs of the water cooling market and provide higher-end metal welding quality.


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  • Date: June 4 – June 7, 2024
  • Time: 9:30 am – 17:30 pm
  • Venue: Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center, Hall 1
  • Booth: I0403


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