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KAORI Ready To Higher Efficiency & Heating Performance For Cold-Climate Heat Pumps Challenge


The world is facing a global ecological crisis around climate change. We are in a time when one needs to take on the responsibility of acting both responsibly and ethically towards the environment. At KAORI, we have been ahead of the curve in the green energy technology development sector. Supporting the industry's responsibility towards contributing to a green community. Today, it is not just a strategy to save costs, rather a brand growth strategy.

In the battle against climate change, more changes are being made and electrification will be the key to it. From the cars we drive to the hot water boilers we use, electrification is the trend, and this offers a great opportunity for heat pump development.
Moreover, government incentive has never been absent during the energy transition. We are so glad to hear about the Cold Climate Heat Pump Technology Challenge, announced by the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), which aims to reduce the carbon footprint of cold climate heating solutions by improving the efficiency and affordability of new heat pumps.

Taking Steps Towards a Sustainable Future with KAORI BPHE Team
CO2 can be a good solution for such a low ambient temperature scenario, and the KAORI BPHE Team offers various ranges of Brazed plate heat exchanger that works with CO2. If you are interested in participating in this challenge, We would be happy to donate or provide brazed plate heat exchangers to support you in this challenge. Contact us at sales@kaori.com.tw to have further discussion.

Join CCHP Technology Challenge
To participate in the challenge, contact the DOE at E3Initiative@ee.doe.gov.
For more information, visit:
https://www.energy.gov/eere/buildings/ ... imate-heat-pump-challenge

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