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International Water Certification Awarded To KAORI Double Wall D Series


As industrial safety is the most important factor for production and factory management, KAORI keeps applying third-party certification for our products to impress customers about our pursuit for quality.

In every industrial process, water is one of the important ingredients for the chemical and food industry. Especially water treatment and drinking water industries have high standards for the safety of brazed plate heat exchangers, all countries are imposing strict industry regulations to protect the end-user. Maintaining stable water quality without contamination by heat exchangers becomes an important task for KAORI.

KAORI Double Wall D Series has helped OEM customers receive the Australian WMTS:528 certificate in 2021. KAORI Double Wall D Series uses high-grade stainless steel and high purity copper as other standard products, all materials passed strict water quality standards, ensuring customer safety.

Compared with other double wall designs, KAORI’s patented double wall design keeps a complete air gap, liquid leaks out from the air gap in less than 1 second when internal leakage takes place. This prevents the loss and contamination due to internal leakage, also keep user safe. Below is the test result, we would like to take this opportunity to show our partners that KAORI's quality is safe and reliable.

Test Report To KAORI Double Wall D Series.jpg

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