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PR on 2020-08-20

Barcelona, Spain, and Taiwan, 20 August 2020

Submer is proud to announce a strategic partnership with Kaori Heat Treatment CO., LTD, a leading manufacturer of thermal solutions in the APAC region and over 60 countries around the world.

Kaori has been in the game for a long time to perfectly understand the needs of the datacenter industry and how to tackle the heat treatment issue with cutting edge solutions. We are honoured to work together with such a prestigious company whose values and vision we totally support and embrace. Together with Kaori - also a member of the Open Compute Project Foundation community - we will work to create a future of green and highly efficient datacenters built around decarbonization, and use of renewable energy”, said Daniel Pope, CEO of Submer.

“APAC region is at the front edge of an all-encompassing digitization process and having Kaori as a partner will help Submer better service this strategic region. Our partnership will be multifaceted, covering different areas, from design to sales, to technical support and distribution. Kaori’s deep knowledge of the APAC market coupled with our expertise and innovative technology will allow us to engage with even more customers offering them a portfolio of highly efficient and sustainable solutions”, added Adrian Whelan, VP of Partners and Business Development at Submer.

Kaori Heat Treatment CO., LTD. was founded in 1970 by Hans S.Han. At the beginning mainly dedicated to metal heat treatment processing and manufacturing of metal products, the Company has recently switched focus to answer the needs of the market in a more environmentally friendly and energy saving way. The designing and manufacturing of specialized green energy products and solutions for commercial applications certifies Kaori’s commitment towards protecting our environment and the Earth, and its innovative, creative approach. Chairman Hans S. Han said: The immersion liquid-cooled IDC will eventually become the leader of the industry trend. With the colorful IT applications, both of Kaori’s and Submer's strategic partnership will soon lead a wave of green energy integration.

Submer was founded in 2015 by Daniel Pope and Pol Valls, to make operating and constructing datacenters more sustainable and efficient. Submer helps enable datacenters that make sense through products, platforms, APIs, processes and installations that will move hyperscalers, colocation and huge industries to new levels of efficiency and innovation.

Matteo Mezzanotte
PR, Communication & Content Manager