SCDC 2021 Keynote: Efficient Cooling Today For Powerful IT Tomorrow

PR on 2021-11-17

Singapore Cloud & Datacenter Show Returns this Dec 2021

The rise of Singapore in the Cloud Computing, and Datacenter sphere is remarkable, and startlingly impressive for a nation with limited space. Its position as a mature datacenter hub both lends it industry credibility, but at the same time motivates regional counterparts to emerge as market contenders. To that end, Indonesia, and Malaysia have emerged as the most formidable Cloud Computing and Datacenter competitors. Having led the industry in APAC for over a decade, the market is pivoting towards efficiency and sustainability. Its reliable power grid, coupled with skilled personnel have proved to be overwhelmingly attractive against space scarcity concerns.

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Date: Wed, 1st Dec 2021
Time: 3pm (GMT +8) Online
Keynote: Less is more: efficient cooling today for powerful IT tomorrow

This presentation introduce Kaori Heat Treatment, which is specialized in highly customized immersion cooling solutions for hyper scale data centers, in Taiwan and Submer Technologies, which provides standardized and scalable immersion cooling products for enterprises, small and medium data centers, in Spain. These slides covers challenges for data center and telco sectors, benefits of adapting to single phase immersion cooling, and case studies from both companies.

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