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Utilization of BPHE in clean hydrogen industry


Green Hydrogen Industries

Green Hydrogen Industries

Generation and Application of Green Hydrogen

  • Green Hydrogen Generation

Green hydrogen (Green H2) means hydrogen generated from renewable energy (wind, solar, or hydro power), it has zero carbon emission, and is environmental friendly. The most common method to generate hydrogen is water electrolysis, meaning separating hydrogen and oxygen through chemical reaction.

  • How to Utilize Green Hydrogen

Green hydrogen is a clean energy that can be utilized in many fields, it replaces fossil fuel, reduces carbon emission and environmental impact. Green hydrogen can be used in the production of chemical products, raw materials, supply power and heating to fuel cell battery. Green hydrogen can even be the direct fuel source for aviation, marine vessel, automobile, and heavy transportation.

Kaori’s BPHE in Green Energy Industry

Regardless of PEMEC(Proton-exchange Membrane Electrolyser Cell), AEMEC(Anion Exchange Membrane Electrolyser Cell), AEL(Alkaline Electrolyser), SOEC(Solid Oxide Electrolyser Cell) or any other electrolysis technologies, Kaori can provide high value solutions. Kaori’s brazed plate heat exchanger provides solutions to electrolysis equipment, electrolyte, cooling of working fluids, and system heat recovery.

Kaori’s products can be utilized in the heating and cooling of hydrogen generation. Kaori also possesses many years of experience in fuel cell development, hydrogen generation, and industrial equipment. With the capabilities we possess, we can support clients in the system development of hydrogen energy and related technology.

Kaori’s Various BPHE Products

  • High Nickel Alloy Products

Utilizing special materials, making it the leader in high temperature SOEC/ SOFC applications, capable of handling temperatures up to 900°C.

  • All Stainless Steel Products NEW RELEASED

Using stainless steel as the brazing filler, suitable of PEM electrolysis hydrogen generation and power system, or deionized water with low conductivity that does not allow copper ion.

Kaori’s Various BPHE Products.png

 Kaori’s BPHE for PEMEC

Kaori’s BPHE for PEMEC.png

Kaori’s BPHE for SOEC

Kaori’s BPHE for SOEC.png

Kaori’s BPHE for AEMEC/ AEL

Kaori’s BPHE for AEMEC AEL.png


Brazing mode



K025, K040, K050, K070, K095, K105, K200, K205, Z400

C020, C040, C095, C200

Plate material



Brazing  material

SUS Alloy

SUS Alloy

Max. working pressure (bar)

Up to 10

Up to 30

Max. working temperature (°C)



* For other working pressure or temperature request, please contact Kaori representative.

BPHE models for PEMEC AEMEC AEL.png

BPHE models for SOEC

Brazing mode

Hi-Nickel BPHE


H030, H050, H095, H200, H205

Plate materials

Nickel-based alloy

Brazing materials

Nickel-based alloy

Max. working pressure (bar)

2 to 10

Max. working temperature (°C)

Up to 900

* For other working pressure or temperature request, please contact Kaori representative.SOEC適用機型.png

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