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Advanced Liquid Cooling for Data Centers and Edge Computing


Data Center Liquid Cooling

The coolant distribution unit (CDU) for servers is the latest achievement of the company‘s dedication to heat managements. Foreseeing the raising of high density computing power in server clusters, the huge amount of heat generated requires efficient management to ensure the optimal operation temperature for servers. The CDU combining with plate heat exchangers is able to collect and recover waste heat simultaneously to preserve energy, and improves the power usage effectiveness (PUE) < 1.1.

We Provide Complete Immersion Liquid Cooling Solutions

  • Immersion liquid cooling server system (CDU) design, manufacturing, installation

  • Immersion type liquid cooling equipment control sub-automatic control software and hardware

  • Design, manufacture and installation of submerged liquid-cooled cabinets

  • Recommended immersion server manufacturer


Solution: Immersion Liquid Cooling

(A)2kW Single Phase Immersion Cooling Demo Tank  

(B)7kW Single Phase Immersion Cooling Demo Tank

(C)50kW Single Phase Immersion Cooling Solution

(D)100kW Single Phase Immersion Cooling Solution


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