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KAORI Achieves ISO 45001 Certification

PR on 2024-01-05

Kaori Heat Treatment Co., Ltd. (8996) provides employees with a healthy, safe, and friendly working environment, and adopts a systematic approach to manage the environment to promote the sustainability of environmental factors. Since June 2023, the ISO 45001 occupational safety and health management system has been introduced, covering four factories in Zhongli and Kaohsiung. Rigorous verification and auditing operations have been continuously carried out until they successfully passed the verification activities in early December.

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Through this external audit, it is verified that KAORI is committed to improving the occupational safety and health management system, providing workers with a safe, hygienic, and comfortable working environment, and demonstrating the importance of workers' physical and mental health to ensure the development of a healthy workforce to maintain the enterprise a key part of competitiveness, and then implement the Global Reporting Initiative GRI 403 occupational health and safety guidelines. Through the implementation of ISO 45001, occupational safety and health risks can be effectively reduced, operational efficiency improved, work-related injuries and health-related factors prevented, and a safe and healthy workplace provided. The overall health and well-being of employees improved.

In the future, KAORI will continue to follow the structure and spirit of ISO 45001, promote various safety and health management mechanisms in its affiliated factories, effectively reduce risks to employees and their affiliated stakeholders through systematic occupational safety and health management, and implement PDCA spirit, continuous improvement, and strive to move towards the goal of zero occupational disasters.


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