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Brochure | KAORI Corporate Brochure - Go For Sustainable Future

PR on 2023-08-14

50+Go For Sustainable Future

Sustainable Future - Promising Carbon Neutrality Movement

Since its establishment in 1970, Kaori's main goal has been to pursue cutting edge heat treatment technology and to manufacture world class products. Kaori has worked diligently to continuously improve its technology and quality, investing in research and development, and introducing the latest in thermal technologies.Since 1992, based on its core technologies in heat treatment, which includes brazing and vacuum brazing, Kaori has developed industrial key components such as brazed plate heat exchanger, sendzimir mill rollers with its own brandname. In recent years, Kaori has cooperated with several worldwide and well-known companies to develop andmanufacture system products in energy savings and hydrogen energy.

Kaori is actively stepping into the green energy market and is becoming a green energy company. Kaori's production activity has evolved over time from "energy utilization" to "energy savings", which now includes today's "energy production". It showcases Kaori's commitment toward protecting our environment and the Earth, while helping to create a new green energy world working closely with our partners.


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